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UrbanABQ West

UrbanABQ West: Old Town to Huning Highlands Neighborhoods

The UrbanABQ area is the miles-wide ribbon on both sides of the famous Route 66 Mother-Road, which includes dozens of unique neighborhoods–some of the most interesting homes in the city. It stretches from the Historic Old Town area with its 300+ year old buildings, to Nob Hill with its noted neon and trendy shops & restaurants, and everything in between. Many job opportunities are within these areas: the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Central NM Community College (CNM) see close to 100,000 people come and go weekly; Presbyterian, Lovelace and UNM hospitals employ close to 30,000 people between them; and businesses from Downtown stretching beyond Nob Hill into the NE Heights provide thousands of folks various commercial, retail, office, restaurant and light manufacturing jobs. Many residential homes in these areas often have historical, architectural, or cultural significance (see the Historic Neighborhoods Map for more info). They are split into two property search sections below:

UrbanABQ West includes: Old Town to the Rio Grande, the ABQ Country Club, the Sawmill District, the Downtown neighborhoods including the Fourth Ward, Eighth & Forrester, Barelas and Huning Highlands/East Downtown (EDo).

UrbanABQ East includes: The UNM neighborhoods of Spruce Park, Historic Roosevelt Park, Silver Hill, University Heights, and North Campus, plus Netherwood Park, the Bataan Park Neighborhood, Twin Parks & Hidden Park, Altura Park, Nob Hill, the SE Heights, Ridgecrest, Parkland Hills and Upper Nob Hill, including the President Streets.

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I love the MetroABQ area! Extraordinary architects live and create here; beautiful and profound art installations abound; Greenspaces and Parklands define whole areas of the city; extras like Farmers' Markets and cultural events add to our quality of life. I write about it all in the MetroABQ Newsletter.