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It was a good experience overall

Posted by clabqadmin on November 23, 2016
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I chose Chris Lucas over other brokers that I interviewed because he was more intelligent, better informed and easier to talk to. Also, my husband was ill at the time and we both knew that I would be selling the house and moving to another state after his death. We felt that Chris Lucas was the only broker in ABQ sensitive enough to deal with what I would be going through emotionally during the time of the sale. Even though it was three years later when I called Chris, he was ready to handle the sale and deal with my demands during that sensitive time in my life. I was not an easy client to work with and he was incredibly tolerant and sold the property in a matter of weeks.

    Chris Lucas was genuinely kind and generous with his time and expended a great deal of energy with regard to the sale of my house. It was a good experience overall. The overall experience was outstanding because of Chris Lucas.

— Sharon van Ivan, South Valley; now NY City

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