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La Luz

La Luz

In the La Luz Community, Architect Antoine Predock’s Westside Oasis: 96 Townhomes among five acres of lush greens and gardens, surrounded by 40+ acres of untouched Open Space along the Rio Grande Bosque. A New Urbanist-designed community built from 1968-1973, La Luz is designed to separate people from cars and to provide walking and bicycle paths between houses and open space. The architecture attempts to blend in with the surroundings, creating adobe-style homes that protect the views of the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande Bosque for each resident; homes are clustered around gardens, plazas and fountains, using common walls to eliminate side yards and to reduce individual landscape maintenance for each homeowner. The average size of La Luz home for sale is approx 1930 sq.ft with the largest home being just under 2400’ and smallest approximately 1400’.


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I love the MetroABQ area! Extraordinary architects live and create here; beautiful and profound art installations abound; Greenspaces and Parklands define whole areas of the city; extras like Farmers' Markets and cultural events add to our quality of life. I write about it all in the MetroABQ Newsletter.