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Historic Neighborhood Maps

Historic Neighborhood Maps

Five historic districts in Albuquerque are now mapped with the Historic Overlay Zone – Old Town, Huning Highland, 4th Ward, 8th Street/Forrester, and Silver Hill. The Historic Overlay Zone, as described in the City of Albuquerque Comprehensive City Zoning Code, “may be used in any area which is suitable for preservation and which has historical, architectural, or cultural significance…,” among other factors.

Albuquerque’s overlay zones were created by the City Council to protect areas of historical, architectural or cultural significance. To ensure that building projects in historic zones are compatible with traditional neighborhood character, in most instances property owners must receive Certificate of Appropriateness from the City before they begin work. These approvals are granted by the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission or by City staff for the Commission. Penalties including additional fees, public hearings, fines, and court action may be imposed for failure to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Below are the OLD TOWN, FOURTH WARD, EIGHTH & FORRESTER, HUNING HIGHLANDS, & SILVER HILL Historic Overlay Maps. To view a clean, printable copy of each one of these maps, please click on the links at the bottom of the page. As these files are large, please be patient on download times.

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